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Healthy Lifestyle Program

The smile on Michael’s face as he participates in the Healthy Lifestyle Program each Wednesday is just evidence of how much Michael enjoys his day. Michael eagerly packs his bag with his recipe book before being dropped off to meet up with the other participants in this great program. The dietician from Echuca Regional Health attends at the beginning of the sessions and speaks to the team about good nutrition. Community Living & Respite Services Inc. staff work very closely with Michael and the other participants as they happily peel, chop and slice their ingredients and then cook and sit and enjoy the lunch they have prepared.

As he does at home, Michael likes to set the table. Michael helps wash and dry dishes and clean up. At the end of the session, Michael enjoys sitting with the others and looking at what will be cooked the following week – a shopping list is then prepared of the ingredients which will need to be purchased. Michael has followed up these sessions by cooking some of the recipes at home. The Minestrone Soup Chow Mein and fresh fruit salad have all been big winners in our home!!

Michael and his brother David, also enjoy other activities offered by Community Living & Respite Services Inc. This includes regular respite at Bowen House where they are very well cared for by staff in a “homely” environment. Michael is able to practice his cooking skills here also and do some of his jigsaw puzzle which is kept there for him. The staff take both David & Michael out on picnics, to local events, markets and create new experiences for them. This provides Brian and I with some time to ourselves, which is great.

Michael and David also use one to one care on a regular basis. David enjoys going out and about with a carer to the Fauna Park or on a boat ride up the River, Massage at Madison Spa, trips to Bendigo & Shepparton. Michael attends the YMCA gym with a CLRS carer every Friday morning and works out in the gym, finishing off with a swim.

We appreciate the help we, as parents/advocates, receive from Community Living & Respite Services Inc. and the way the help is delivered. They value and respect the “families”, not just the recipients of the service. A big thank you to you all.

Lynne & Brian Wild.

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