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Community Living & Respite Services has a team of experienced support coordinators with extensive knowledge of the local community and the supports and options available. Donna, Gabrielle, Brittany and Suellen will help you navigate the NDIS.Phone our Support Coordination Team on 5480 2388 or email to discuss support coordination or accessing our services.  

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Community Living & Respite Services is registered to provide a variety of NDIS services.  In addition to providing  Support Coordination, direct services are provided to children and adults with a disability and their families and carers. A variety of supports and services are available, based on the needs of each person.

Attendant Care

Our services are available to anyone, long term, short term or just during times when illness or injury may temporarily affect their ability to complete everyday tasks. Our staff are caring and dedicated and we will endeavour to identify a member of our staff who best suits your needs.

Home Care – is about assisting people to complete house hold tasks such as shopping, cleaning, laundry and meal preparation.

Personal Care –is assisting people in their home to meet their personal care needs including shower, dressing, and personal hygiene.

To discuss your eligibility to receive these services please contact our office on (03) 5480 2388.

Respite / Short term accommodation and assistance

Our respite and short term accommodation and assistance services are flexible to meet your needs.  Support is available at Alexander House and Goulburn House, Club Teen (children 6 -18 years) and in the community.   Respite provides carers with vital breaks, to re-energise, spend time with other family members, pursue an interest or to work.

When staying at Alexander House we support people to work towards the goals within their NDIS Plan.

These supports include:

  • access to the community and community events
  • meeting new people and increasing social and communication skills
  • developing self-care skills
  • learning to prepare meal
  • earning daily living skills
  • using public transport to help build independence in accessing the community
  • learning to live away from home and becoming independent of primary carers
  • managing behavioural and sensory needs
  • providing a safe environment for people of all abilities
  • emergency care  

Community Activities (Day Programs)

"Number 4", 4 Percy Street Echuca is our base for a range of community activities that operate Monday to Friday. Activities include pamphlet delivery, healthy lifestyles,  out and about and the Recyclability social enterprise. Activities are developed around the interests of our clients - so if you have a request to be considered, please let us know!

Recyclability - Community Recycling Program (Social Enterprise)

"Recyclability" is an inclusive volunteer based social enterprise involving people of all abilities, encouraging reuse and recycling.  Our volunteers undertake tasks such as weekly kerbside collections, letter box drops and sorting of items for our Op Shop at 4 Percy Street Echuca. Surplus items are then on sold to local businesses and commercial recyclers, impacting positively on our environment.

Murray River Tea Rooms (Social Enterprise)

Murray River Tea Rooms is an Op Shop and Cafe located at 10 Meninya Street Echuca.  The Tea Rooms are an inclusive volunteer based social enterprise involving people of all abilities, providing opportunities to learn skills in customer service, retail and hospitality. If you would like to be supported to develop these skills, or to build your social connections and become more involved in your community, the Murray River Tea Rooms may be of interest.

Veterans' Affairs Provider

Veteran's Home Care Services – Community Living & Respite Services provides basic services to eligible Veterans, including domestic assistance, respite care, home and garden maintenance.


Community Living & Respite Services receives funds from another agency to provide services and supports to meet the needs of individuals and their families. Community Living & Respite Services has positive working relationships with many brokerage agencies throughout Victoria and across the border in New South Wales.

We will work cooperatively to form a service agreement, which meets the needs of the clients.

Service plans are developed in cooperation with the client, their family/carers, the funding body and any other relevant persons. Service plans are as varied and flexible as the consumers who use our service. Some of the agencies that Community Living and Respite Services Inc. currently provides brokerage services with are;

• Supreme Court of Victoria
• Post Acute Care
• Veteran Affairs

Independent Living Programs

Community living & Respite Services provides an Independent Living program. We  assist people who live on their own within the community with a range of services including bill paying, shopping, personal care and appointments.

Post Acute Care (PAC)

The Post Acute Care (PAC) Program provides community-based services to assist people to recuperate after leaving hospital. PAC provides a range of community-based services based on the person's individually assessed needs. Services provided include Personal Care and or Home Care.Services arranged by PAC are provided for the duration of the recuperative period and are generally of a short-term nature.

Aged Care

Aged Care services are provided on behalf of a range of providers to assist the elderly to stay at home. Services are designed for people who need support to continue living in the community and who are older and frail or who have a disability. If you have difficulties with everyday tasks, such as getting dressed or showering, this could well be the extra support you need. 

Support Groups

Support groups are organised by people who want to share their experiences about coping with a common problem or concern. People who have the same problem or concern can join these groups and offer support to other people as well as discuss their own issues and seek support. Groups are often organised and run by volunteers.  MyTime is a weekly support group that operates in Echuca and Kyabram.


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