Respite Services

Facility Based Respite

Respite is offered at Alexander House, in High Street Echuca. It is centrally located, near the Echuca Specialist School and Murray Human Services. We endeavour to provide a homely environment, catering to the needs of all our service users. An accessible outdoor entertaining area has play equipment for younger service users. Alexander House is open from 3.30pm on week days, and all weekend. Respite is flexible, and tailored to individual needs where service users may stay for a night or for a week; or have regular weekly bookings. Respite may also be provided on an emergency basis. We also have special respite times for specific groups including girl's weekend, kid's night and children's weekend. Alexander House can sleep up to six people per night. It is accessible for people using wheelchairs, and caters for a range of disabilities. Staff are trained in Community Services, with a variety of life experience. Staff aim to provide activities based on the interests and needs of those staying in the house. Our aim is that respite is an enjoyable experience. Staff ratios are based on support needs. Bookings for Alexander House are invited quarterly.

Respite is also offered at Bowen House in Echuca. This is a smaller respite home and caters for individuals who wish to use their Individual Support Package to purchase respite.

Respite in the family home

Respite may be provided in the family home to enable carers and other family members to attend a community/family activity or to just have some free time to have a break.

Respite in the staff member's home

Respite in the staff member's home Respite may be provided by a Direct Support Professional in their home. This type of respite provides additional support in that a carer can have time on their own to pursue their own activity/hobby in the home or go out and have a break and re-energise. Many parents take the opportunity to attend a gym class, study, relax, walk etc.

Emergency Respite

At times families may find themselves in a situation where care is required at short notice. Community Living & Respite Services Inc. will endeavour to provide the support required to assist the family.

Community Based Respite

Community Based Respite Respite can be provided at regular rimes on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis. This type of respite is often used to enable individuals to attend activities with a support worker in mainstream community based programs such as swimming, gymnastics, cubs, guides etc.

Over 18's Respite

Respite is provided in the community two afternoons each week from 3.30pm – 6.00 pm for people over 18 years of age. Activities are chosen based on the interests of the individuals. This program is a small group activity. This has been funded by the Department of Human Services Innovative Respite Program.

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