Workplace Giving


Inspire your colleagues to make regular, convenient, pre-tax donations to CLRS and make a difference.

Workplace Giving is a three-way partnership between employees, employers and CLRS. Through our Workplace Giving program, businesses can meet social responsibility objectives, build community ties and boost employee morale.

Workplace Giving is a simple and tax effective way for employees to regularly donate to CLRS through payroll deductions, enabling CLRS to provide the best possible service to people with a disability their families and carers.

Offering employees the means to donate directly from their pay is simple to set up and administer, and is a convenient, tax effective way to engage employees whilst caring for our most vulnerable people. As a group, your corporate contribution can quickly multiply to make a significant donation to CLRS.

If you're an employee, simply nominate a weekly donation amount. Your company's payroll department handles everything. It couldn't be easier.

For a business, it's simple to set up and requires virtually no cost to maintain.

You can be assured your donation goes directly to CLRS by funding vital disability support services.

For more information on the benefits of Workplace Giving please our CEO Suzanna Barry or EA Gillian Noelker.

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