Cletus Gilmour Fundraising Award


Cletus Gilmour Fundraising Award

Cletus Gilmour was very proud to be an employee of Community LIving & Respite Services (CLRS) and demonstrated strong loyalty and support.

Cletus joined CLRS in February 2008 to work in administration and in her first week she attended the 2nd Annual Fundraising Dinner.  From that day forward Cletus developed a strong commitment to raising funds to further the work of CLRS to improve outcomes for people with disability and their families. Cletus was appointed to the role of PA to CEO in 2009 and worked closely with the community, developing relationships and partnerships. She enjoyed grant writing and securing support from philanthropic organisations.  In September 2015, due to ill health, Cletus sadly tendered her resignation. Cletus passed away on December 6, 2015. During her illness she kept in close touch with many of her colleagues and regularly checked in with the CEO to ensure she was following up opportunities that she continued to identify.  It was decided that due to this incredible passion and commitment that an appropriate tribute to Cletus would be the establishment of an annual award recognising others who shared a similar passion.  When discussed with Cletus she set about writing the criteria.  Cletus specified that nominees should have exemplified tasks of their contribution to raise awareness and to improve outcomes for people with disability through fundraising. Nominees are to also demonstrate how they have made a difference to CLRS and the community.

The inaugural winner of the Cletus Gilmour Fundraising Award in 2016 was Brett Sands. Beth Kimball recieved this award the following year in October 2017.

Nominations are to be forwarded to the CEO.  An award recipient will be selected annually, generally around the time of the Annual General Meeting.


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